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I’ll drink to that ……. Cape Town fixes crazy booze law

Last year the city of Cape Town issued new liquor by-laws which banned the sale of any booze between 2am and 11am. Goodbye champagne breakfasts, or morning wine tastings.

There was a bit of noise made, but frankly everybody ignored this bit of un-Capetonian nonsense.

Now ( announces) that’s all over. The by-law has been amended.

Mayor Patricia De Lille said it was vital for arms of government to review whether legislation was working.

“This version fixes many irregularities and inconsistencies. It allows for Champagne breakfasts. It allows for wine tasting. It allows for a range of activities that were unnecessarily excluded in the past version.”

Another big change in the by-law was the clearer distinction between the sale and consumption of alcohol. It will remain illegal to sell alcohol after 2am, but exceptions will be considered.

“This by-law… realises that some areas are recognised social spots with minimal disruptive potential and thus allows for trading beyond prescribed hours upon application and under prescribed conditions,” said De Lille.

The amended by-law took into consideration city establishments working hard to brand Cape Town as a “24-hour city”.


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