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Cape Town Airport wins 2 SKYTRAX Awards

Cape Town International Airport has once again been awarded the Best Airport in Africa and the Best Airport in Africa for Staff Service Excellence at the SKYTRAX World Airport Awards.

This blog has been making a bad habit of boasting about all the wards that Cape Town has received. We are sorry. The reason we do so is a real sense that over the last five years or so, Cape Town has got it’s act together, pulled its socks up, pulled itself together, and who knows how many other clichés.

The transformation has been dramatic. Once it was a tatty town on the southern tip of a lost continent, certainly beautiful, with some grand restaurants, but grubby and decaying. The airport was a dump, and many incoming visitors said it gave a poor impression.

Now most of the decay, at least in the city and where most tourist are likely to go, is gone. Roads are smart, pavements are clean, the airport works. And all this has been achieved without discarding the city’s unique character.

And that has to be good for business.


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