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Art in the Garden at Kirstenbosch

If you are a lover of gardens, then Kirstenbosch is a must-see in Cape Town.  Situated in the wettest corner of the town (some say the wettest place in the country), a very wide range of flora are to be found.

One of the lesser known attractions of the garden are a series of artworks, mainly outdoor sculptures, but also indoor artworks, are exhibited here.  Some are long-term, others part of changing exhibitions.

From the Kirstenbosch website my favourites

 Mambo Sculptures. The Sculpture Garden houses a permanent but ever-changing exhibition of African stone sculptures. Each sculpture is a unique original, sculpted by artists in the Shona tradition originating in Zimbabwe. The artists depict spiritual, traditional and contemporary themes as well as topical and social issues in their work.

Dylan Lewis. Two animal bronzes by Dylan Lewis can be found at the Centre for Home Gardening. The position of each sculpture is permanent but the sculptures are changed from time to time. Dylan Lewis is among the most highly regarded figurative sculptors working with the animal form today. He works in clay, crafting the medium so that its final shape and surface take on an almost elemental quality, its texture not only bringing the animal to life but speaking of the wilderness itself.

Gorillas. Three massive gorillas can be found huddled in the Dell. They were sculpted by Sam Allerton from wood from the stone pine (Pinus pinea). The gorillas convey a feeling of massive latent power, a feeling of presence. The South African National Biodiversity Institute, through our support of botanical gardens in Africa, is working hard to promote the importance of maintaining biodiversity in Africa. We need to protect vanishing species like gorillas.

Mambo Sculptures.

Mambo Sculptures.

Oct 24, 2012News